Friday, 23 November 2012

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

free running

yesterday there was 3 boys. And they name was akuma and gouken and ken.    
They went to Auckland Town and there had free running on people’s house ‘s. There the runner’s jump on there house’s. The people let them jump and people’s house.

Friday, 2 November 2012

internet Cafe

In the holiday Matthew and Ben went to the internet cafe. There wanted because so there could  play call of duty modern warfare 3. when they got they the computer's were full. There were no computer's left  Matthew , Ben was waiting for 30 minute. After that there was 2 computer left matt  and Ben ran to the computer’s when there got on the computer’s there tipped their password. when they got on there went on Facebook first. when there went on his Facebook he was talking to Tame William’s matt said sup. when he said that he jumped off and played call of duty modern warfare 3. matt was the bad guy and Ben was in the good guy’s. The end.

bulldog's and warriors

Yesterday bulldog & warriors had a game I was watching TV my Dad was playing for the bulldog’s. The game  started and my dad came out into the stadium. When he came out he had to sing the national anthem song for the bulldog’s.

bulldog’s  went fast the bulldog sang like this Australia Australia we came in peace when there finish doing the national anthem there stated the game.                                                 

when my dad’s game stated my dad was excited the referee was exercising after that he blew the weasel and the warriors had to kick. the warriors kicked the ball and my dad catches the ball and ran when he ran the light turn off and my dad stop running. and the light went back on and got a try.