Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Adam Reynold works in a sushi bar at NEW SOUTH WALES She cuts 8 rolls of sushi.

Playtime is at 11.0. at Point England school ,  but in other school’s they have lunch earlier than what time we have our morning tea .

The fields are muddy outside because of the rain causers the mud too get bigger and bigger,then it makes big puddles in the grass .

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Adding detail to the middle of the sentence

WALT Adding detail to the middle of the sentence

- All the year 5 and year 6 children  at pt England school a so very lucky because they have their own NET BOOKS And Chromebook.

- My hungry tummy is rumbling because I didn't eat anything.

- At pt England our lunch time is at  11.0. but at other schools the lunch time is at 10.30.

-When ever it rain it made the fields outside muddy and durdy.  

- Akiki went to college to learn how to work at the sushi bar And how to make them.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Changing the Order of the factor in Maths

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Sione And Byron Walt

WALT We are learning to adding to the begining
When we ask  MR BURT  if it is good to learn our timetables the principal  says that   learning them  is important .

My Friend Ben Barba that like sushi  Works at the sushi bar.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Antarctic Adding Detail to the end

WALT - Adding the Detail at the end. 

Antarctic seals have a thick layer of blubber under their skin, to help them survive in the cold.

During winter, the sun does not rise in Antarctica, it only rise when its summer.

Leopard seals prey on Antarctica Penguins,  under the freezing cold water.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Detail in Sentences

WALT-ADD the Middle and the end

Speckles on a pear looks like freckles.  

On the outside skin, speckles on a pear  looks like freckles.  

Mr Burt,who loves kids, takes assemblies on Friday.

Mr Burt takes assemblies, for all the kids who comes,  on Friday.
Lots of people, from all around the world comes to visit, Auckland city in new Zealand.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Sione Mine Craft Stroy

When I got on it looked like a block game when I played it I pressed Letter E it showed me kit stuff.

There was bricks and food And mobs Mobs Are Eggs. You have to point your mouse on the ground and press the right button.
 And A Zombies or Other monster will come out.

I always do ender man because I made me a TNT Jail. And I put him in it and if he try to get out the TNT jail will blow up And he will die and go to hell.
I made me a mansion it was big as.

And I made me a big as pool and lots of house's. there where like 10 or 8 house's it was like a town I made me a diffident  server and it was a Desert. I made lava it was like a volcano it was around ender man.

my Favorited part is building a house like a sky tower in Auckland. And my second part is making Zombies as my body guard I always make them hold a Weapon.
I like making the Zombies hold the bowandarow.

 I don't like spawning creeper. Because when you hit them and go closer they blow up. they always blow up and make my house ugly.
This other time when I was building my house When I Finished my sitting room. After that I went up and I was building my room and Tame and Taniela one.

 I built a sign that says VIP area there were 3 beds and and A big TV and paint on the wall.
After that I made 3 rooms for me and Taniela and Tame I made a labialy and a sign that say labial  After that I went out side and made me a big pool and went to my kit and got water and pressed the right button On to this gold thing and water will come out.

 Then I went back on to the kit stuff and got a boat so I had to point the mouse to the water and you have to press the right bottom and point to the boat and press it and you are on it. when I finished I went down to the sitting room and i say lots of zombies the were like 357 zombie I was trying to kill them it like you have to hit them like 3 our 4 time and they die.

Antarctica Venn diagram

Friday, 7 June 2013


Tang gram is hard and not easy to do. they are shapes my hardest tang gram was the candelas
 We are doing tan gram a tang ram is when you look at house and you cut out shapes and try to make the house out of shapes.

Tan gram is not just when you look at something and you paste shapes tan gram is also a Chinese puzzle How you do it is first we coloured in shapes and cut out them we got some pvt glue and pastes. And After you finish you have to put it in our blog bye