Wednesday, 20 August 2014

N.Z. Mascot

This year beth gilmour 12 years old girl designed her own mascot called clyde. She won the mascot design competition in scotland and she got to she see clyde in glasgow. My mascots name is after life turtle head because it represent black ops 2 because of the camouflage on the shell its called after life. And the turtle represent the islanders like cook island and niuean, tongan and all the others.

Life ED

Good drugs help you and other drugs don't some are illegal and some are not. drugs makes your brain not function properly at home. people can’t sell illegal drugs because you would be put in jail for selling them to other people. Illegal drugs makes you not remember stuff like counting to ten. If you play rugby and you take illegal drugs you get banned from rugby for 2 years. And if you're 2 years are finnish. And then you do illegal drugs again you get banned from rugby for life and you’ll never be able to play rugby again. Some medicine are drugs and other medicine are good to make you well.