Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Sione Maui and the sun

This is about a sun that is called Te Ra that was moving too fast across the sky for the villagers and Maui had to teach the sun a lesson.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Sione"s Cross Country

Last week on Thursday we had school Cross Country We had to sit on the concrete we had to wait. Finally we had our run Mr Burt told to turn around and told us where we were going after that Mr Burt told us to turn back around and he said get ready get set go so he used the zarine and every run. And  Vaifou was coming First when he was coming first he didn't go around the cone.

So I was coming first I was boosting it and I was taking the lead. They couldn't catch up to me I was like 40 meter away from them it was slippery I nearly fall on the mad . I was waiting for Vaifou. When Asena always come pash me I always catch her. When We were nearly near the finishing line I saw Ata was still running  I was sprinting it because I wanted to beat her.

‘finally’ I  said i saw the finishing line so I sprinted it with all my energy then I went past ata so I was happy because i beat a 10 years old girl. When I ran past the finishing line And was tired and I fall. And Miss Flaville said I came 1# 11 year old. The End