Wednesday, 26 March 2014

7 Sharp News

Welcome back to 7 sharp we have Sione and Leka in the news Studio.
During the weekends there was a misunderstanding, the weather was super crazy. Family were anxious, windows were closed and doors were shut.
Warning!! to all the people that live near sandy bay stay seated.  A enormous cyclone is going to hit your area and it might make a tsunami. Families stay in your houses and don’t go out of your doors and make sure your kids are safe,. because the cyclone is gonna destroy homes, wreck land and slaughter people, and breeze winds.

If you're thinking where the cyclone lusi came from ? well apparently it was a build up and came to new zealand. In the north pacific cyclone lusi leaves 3 people dead and 6 people missing at Vanuatu.

I would like to go introduce to Sione Hotu for our breaking Weather news. ShOcKiNg NeWs!!!! I am so sorry Cowboys for the New Zealand weather. Today They is going to be a Big fog. Hope the people in auckland doesn’t crash because of the fog.

This is Sione Hotu and Leka Telea and were out see yous Tomorrow and send us message on facebook and twitter about what's happening ka kite ano.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Mw3 Story

In the weekend I was playing mw3 on my ps3 I had a 1v1 Brandon and I beat him Sebastian was being annoying because he was using his riot shield he was bumping me off and Brandon. After that I gaped it then Sebastian Send me a inversion to play in his lobby he turning invisible and then he killed every body.