Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Monday, 1 July 2013


Guest what all of the year 5 & 6 visited Kelly Tarlton because we could learn more about Antarctica. First we went to this thing that spins you around it was making me dizzy. After that we went to to see the Gentoo Penguins and King Penguins.

We went in and Penguins were swimming around when we moved to the next place we saw lots of them it looked like they were frozen. My friend Tame went too he came to me and he put his hand on the window and a Gentoo Penguin came. And Tame was moving his hand up and down and the Gentoo penguin was following his hand.

  At School when Jordan's mum came and Tyson was with us Jordan’s mum told us to dear Tyson to put his hand on the water in the box. So at Kelly tarlton we were looking for Tyson we couldn't found him so my friends told me I should put my hand in the freezing water for 30 second or more. So I put my hand in the water it was cold as there was ice in the water to it took me 47 seconds to take my hand out of the box.

My favorite part was going to see the sharks it was oakweed because I thought that the shark were going to eat the fish.