Thursday, 29 May 2014

Swimming lesson

In New Zealand there are lots of lakes and beaches. New Zealand is surrounded with lots of water. Around 83 people died in New Zealand last year from not knowing how to swim properly at the beach.

Swimming is important because lots of people should know how to swim in the sea. It is important to know how to swim because you might get dragged from the sea.
People died from swimming by they self out at the ocean it is important to go to the pool and get a instructor to teach you how to swim.

At swimming I learnt how to backstroke and learnt how to freestyle by myself. The Instructor taught me how to backstroke she told me to put my hand up and make it straight. And just float threw the water

Nsw Vs Qld

Nsw won last night by 12.8. QLD was gonna win last night but johnathan thurston keeps on trying to carve his kicks in 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

13 camo altogether

Hello I am talking about camos for mw3 guns write your favorite on my blog please hope you like it.
Next week I am going to write the new camos from bo2 Black ops 2

1 Classic

2 Snow

3 Multicam 

4 Digital urban

5 Hex

 6 choco

7 Snake

 8 Blue

 9 Red

 10 Autumn

 11 Gold

 12 Marine

 13 Winter

13 camos altogether 

Play Cod with Bash after school.

Today I am gonna have a 1v1 with SebastianR from my class after school the name of the game we are playing is Black Ops 2 our MW3 because I want revenge on him for beating me on MW3.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Trickshoting with Throwing Knife's

Throwing knifes and YouTube links copy and paste and comment on my blog if you liked the movie on YouTube

Friday, 23 May 2014

Hearing aids

          Walt hearing aids

How long does the sound goes threw your ear drum?.

When you wear hearing aids does it hurt?.

Does it hurt when people speak in your ears loud as?.

When you wear hearing aids can you hear properly?.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Sound That Vibrate

Sound is vibrations that move the molecules that generate sound waves. Everything you hear is sound like listening to music, conversation, wildlife and vehicles. There could be different sound around us. Movement creates sound , instrument can make sounds that can go high or low.When you walk in the road cars go pass and you can hear the sound that fast.