Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Sione Cross country

On friday we had real cross country. At the assembly Mr Burt told use after lunchtime we have to go to the court's the one near room eighteen and room twenty.And it near our class.                                                                                                                                      

Mr Brut took us to the reserve because that is our starting line. When we were walking we were talking to each other and we were walking on the footpath.When we were there I was getting ready. 

the girls had to go first we had to go second. After that Mr Burt said get ready get set go. And Mr Brut clipped the stick and there ran for they life. After that It was our turn to run I got nervous to run he said get ready get set go and he clipped the stick and we ran.

Lee ran fast as I was coming 7th then I saw Tame coming 4Th. then I beat him because he got tired and he stopped. Then I saw auri he fall down 3 times it was funny when he fall.When I saw a turn I took a shortcut then I beat Tye then he beat me he's fast as.

when I was near the finish line my team colour red was cheering me on I was tired when I made It.I hope we do cross country again.

Friday, 17 August 2012


On tuesday we were making some sausages. We had to bring one dollar. When we were doing our reading Mr Marks told use when it was 10 o'clock me and Lee had to go to the office to get Mr Marks sausages. Lee got the sausage and I got the tomato sauce. I got the tomato sauce and I had to go fast so I can go to reading.

After reading I ran at high speed to class so I could chop some Onions. I was there in time so I could chop some onions. After  I chopped some onions I was crying a little bit and I made some layers of rings.

I was watching Taniela cook some sausages. Some of  Taniela  sausages were burnt. I liked Mr Marks ones better. All of Lee's one were burnt I didn’t eat Lee’s one because it was burnt. I could hear sounds sizzling. When the sausages were ready Mr Marks stacked the sausages on the top of the bbq hanger.

I was looking at the sausages and they looked yummy. I went to the line so I could have some sausages. I went in the line and Mr Marks gave me some bread and sausages, tomato sauce , onions. and I went to sit on the deck.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Rugby training

On monday we had training It was cool. We had to pass the ball with one hand.
We had four people in our team my team's name was nela and frankie,paula,and me
It was cool. It was hard to pass the ball with one hand we had to twist the ball round and round. The hardest thing was twisting the ball on my left hand when I twisted the ball with my left hand and the ball was flying to somewhere ouse. And I had to go and get It because my coach told me to get the ball when I got the ball i pass the ball to nela.After that my coach told us to run strat then I have to fill on the ground and stand up for 2 second and I have to take the ball off then for 1 second when I talk the ball from frankie i talk long as my coach told me I talk long as.

After that we went to the reserve so we can have a game. when we got there we had to vs the under 45 kg the under 45 kg had to kick off when they kicked the ball frankie lit go off the ball. so we can catch the ball when we catch the ball there passed the  ball to me. then I ran strat when I ran strat I stepped them. and I passed the ball to nelea and he  gotta try. then I give the ball to nela then he got 2 trys.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

On Saturday I had a Rugby Game.

At home I had to brush my teeth and have some breakfast before I went to my rugby Game. I cooked some eggs for breakfast which tasted yum after I put some salt on them. I went to my room and got changed into my rugby clothes. After I got dressed I went and looked for my mouth guard and I went to the car and I put my seatbelt on. I was waiting for my mum and dad so we could go to my rugby Game when my mum and dad came, they put on their seatbelts. I had to take my rugby boots with me.

When we got there I put on my rugby boots on and my coach came and told me to hurry up to play because I was late for my game. It was me who had to be sub my coach told me to play with the ball. After that someone got hit and my coach told me to come and go in to play.

I had to be a 2nd five and it was a penalty and we had to tap. I taped the ball then I ran straight then i stepped and I got a try.