Tuesday, 11 September 2012

no leg's

Yesterday Mr Mark’s said after lunch time we have to go to class. We had to go in a line we had to wait for Mr Mark’s when he came we went out for a game. At the coat’s we had to run fast to the last line. Tame was camming 1#  and I came last. After that Mr mark’s told us to go and pick a person. Anthony wanted to be with me but after that Taniela came and said be with me.

We had to go and get a rope I me and Taniela got a yellow rope.we had to put the rope around our stimac we had to put one hand inside and we had to tie up the rope it hurted my hand. We had to be like paralympic person with no hand and leg’s. We had to get ready once Mr Mark bulos the wesile we ran I was coming 1# the I got tied and it fout weird and strange and me and tame came a tie.

Monday, 10 September 2012

internet cafe

On Saturday me and Tame went to the internet cafe. Tame went up to the man and he give 1$ dollar he had 30 minute he went to the computers they was full we  were watching this girl and me and Tame was taking picture and we pasted the picture on facebook. me and Tame  looked cool.