Thursday, 31 October 2013

A cow called Gianna that got stuck.

                               A cow called Gianna that got stuck.

Once upon a time Gianna was in the freezing cold snow and was stuck on the first day of winter. Gianna was sleeping outside and everyone was inside the farmhouse. Everybody was warm except Gianna.

Gianna heard the other cows mooing and Gianna was trying to move but she couldn’t she was stuck. So Gianna moo'd back to the cows and the cows heard her say moo. The other cows went to the dog and told the dog that Gianna was stuck in the freezing ice.

So the hunter away went to the Farmer and barked at him and the farmer said ‘What boy’ so the hunter away lead the farmer to Gianna. The farmer was thinking how to get Gianna out of the of the snow.

Suddenly the farmer said ‘I got an idea i’ll get the truck to pull you out’
so the farmer went and got the truck and grabbed the rope and tied a knot to the cows head. So the farmer jumped on the truck started the engine and pulled the cow out. Now Gianna can go to her family and sleep.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Anisha's big day

Once upon a time on the first day of Spring Anisha and her family ran across the paddock and ate the yummy fresh grass.  She was feeling hot because her fleece was heavy and long.

Along came the farmer and the two hunters always on the four wheeler. The two hunter away jumped off the four wheeler and went to the fence.  Anisha’s Family started to run away.

‘Hurry up my family run for your life. I hate those two huntaways because remember last year their gave us some yucky medicine.

‘The medicine was yucky’. ‘Why do we have to shave our wool Family’ ‘why can’t we just run away Nah we don’t want to run away because they milt take us to town and kill us oke family ’.

‘Why is the Ugly hunter away on my back he melt skewes me to death it hurt so bad’

‘All the other sheep wants to shave their wool but we don’t want to do it’.  Remember last year how their shaved my skin by accidentally their made me cry and it hurted.

OH-NO!!! Its my turn’. Go Anisha Go. this time Anisha is getting shaved from a professional shaver he is the best shaver in the world he never shaves the skin. His name is Isaaka.

OK I'll go shave my wool then.

Now everyone's wool is shaved finally my wool is off because it felt yucky and it was to hot.
now we can just go and run around the field and eat grass again and sleep.

Now or Wool is going to turn into a blanket and a jumper and a carpet.

Lets go on the big field and eat the yummy fresh grass and sleep under the tree and have a good sleep in. The end of the story about Anishas Big day.