Friday, 13 December 2013

What 10 or 11 year old want for Christmas

This is what 10 or 11 year old like the most GTA 5 AND VANS AND A SKATE BOARD.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Moses Coming from the CHRISTMAS PARTY

Moses Just came back from a Christmas Party Now he looks so cool I wish I went with him there. And he's got present from some one and he's got a cool face paint.

Kawau Island Activties

Playing Call Duty Ghost And GTA5

Yesterday I was playing call of duty ghost at the Internet café. I was at the internet café because my mum had to buy some Christmas stuff at the warehouse. When I was playing call of duty ghost I was playing Infected on line.

This is how we were playing online some one had to be infected with a knife. And they had to go around and knifed people. If they got knifed their have to be in the infected.

The computer picks random people to be in infected. When I was infected I had to go around and look for good people and knife them. I asked my uncle if he wanted to be in infected and he said Na try get me first. So I was chased him and he was glitch me. I throw my throwing knife and I got him he was to good when I got him h started to go hard and killing every body.

My team won team infected we beat the good people online. After that I was playing free for all online we had to kill any one because it was free for all. I was scooping people with my sniper and I got them. The only thing was boring that you can't play 2 player on ps3.

 Finely my turn was over and then I took my brothers home. And played on my uncles ps3 I was playing GTA 5.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

MAth whizz

                                        This is easy but it always pops up and When you finish you get Tests