Friday, 20 June 2014

Tech @ T,C

The first time I went to tech I saw Mr Grundy he introduced himself to us he told us to find your own place to sit. Me Leka and Sebastian, raced to the table and got there first I got the loan book out of my bag and put it on the table. Mr Grundy told us to go on the Tamaki college site I saw the work shop link so I moved my mouse and left clicked and I saw last years movie of the year 7’s making they necklace.

Mr Grundy told us to do the workshop document we had to look for Images of silhouette I found a Modern Warfare 3 one this guy Is holding a MSR gold aiming. I had to find 12 Images I found 3 about my mum and one about my sister and me, Brother.

We used chain saw to cut our wood and it when straight threw the wood and get like medal liquid and it make a necklace. The End

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Levelling up my self manage

I have thought carefully and I think I should put my self on level 1 Because I still need to manage myself sitting next to Miss Nua and showing my Screen at her so she doesn't thing I am doing some thing dodgy on my net-book.

My goal is to be on the right thing right time and right place on my net-book when I'm around my class mates doing my work.

My next level is level 2 to archive level 2 I need to focus on my work and behave appropriately when the teachers are speaking.

 My next level after level 2 is going to be level 3 to get level 3 I need to not be disrespectful to other people and be a good boy at assembly.

My four smart foot print

1. Always be yourself

2. Teachers can see you 

3. Be careful on-line

4. Be safe what you search

Monday, 9 June 2014

Copy and edit Echolocation

  1. When ever I walk to school I always see my friends I always try use echolocation to them from far distance. I yelled loud to them wait for me then it echoed and located were to go then he turned around and OK. So they just waited for me near the gates.

Understanding scientific sounds Sione Paula

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

sione and taniela are friends

1. The filthy car successfully
2. The strange orange
successfully disappeared in
the filthy car.
3. Successfully the strange
car worked.

Class 2 Writting

Sound is a form of energy. For sound to be produced vibrations must be set up by a source.  This is done by hitting (drum), blowing (recorder), stroking (sand paper on wood) and electrical (loudspeaker).

The vibrations travel through a solid liquid or gas and reach our ears where it can be heard.  If the vibrations have a lot of energy then they are loud.  If they have little energy then the sound is quiet.  Sometimes the vibrations can be seen or felt on the skin.

In air, sound travels at 1,160 km per hour, but speeds up in water to 5, 400km per hour.  Things which travel faster than sound are called supersonic.  The Concorde can travel faster than sound.

Dolphins communicate with each other under the sea.  The sound can travel for hundreds of miles, much further than in air.  Sound travels even more quickly through a solid metal than through the air or water.  Standing near a railway line, a humming from the rails can be heard several minutes before a train itself can be heard directly.  

Sound travels through solids and liquids as well as air.  Sound cannot travel through a vacuum.  Sound travels at different speeds in different substances.  This is because different substances are made up of particles in different ways.  The sound pushes the particles and as it travels it moves from one particle to another.  In a gas the particles are far apart, so some of the sound energy is lost when trying to push one particle into another one. Therefore the speed of sound is slow so it will not travel as fast as it does in substances where the particles are closer together.

Pitch is the highness or lowness of a sound.  A high pitch is caused by short vibrations and a low pitch is caused by long vibrations.

The pitch of a note produced by a guitar depends on the length, thickness and tension of the string.  A shorter, thinner, tighter string produces a high pitch and a longer, thicker, looser string produces a low pitch. On a guitar the strings can be shortened by putting a finger on the fret board.

In a wind instrument a column of air is set vibrating and the pitch depends on the length of the column.  A long column makes a low pitch and a short column makes a high pitch.

The loudness (volume) of the sound depends on the amount of energy the vibrations contain and the rate at which this energy is transmitted.