Thursday, 6 November 2014

Auckland Museum Trip

On Tuesday we went to the Auckland Museum and we got sent into 8 groups and I was in Semi's group, I was ultra excited when I heard my name in Semi's group. Our leader was Mr Barks, he was the one who took us wherever he went. He took us to the maori design's we saw lots of tiki's and maori patterns. Mr Barks gave us paper and pencil. The  paper gave us instructions like draw any maori patterns you can see and I saw this pattern made out of flaxs with square boxes.

The next place we went was the pacific design's. We saw these island bags that the Niuean and Tongan made out of flax. It was cool I never knew that you can make stable bags out of flax. My Nana made one and she brang it to New Zealand but she's gone back to Niue. After that we went to the volcano place we went in we saw these rocks and we had to try and guess which rock was the heaviest one. The middle one was the heaviest cause it had lots of heavy bits on it.

After we tried the rocks we went to the volcano house. I was very excited because I thought we were going to watch a movie but we had to wait in a long line. Finally it was our turn  we went in and there was a cool as big 70 ENC television. We had to sit on the floor cause the other people from china already took the chairs. It was sort of boring because we had to wait until the smoke came out of the water. The house was moving and I got shocked it was scary I wanted to get out of the house but we couldn't cause we would of got in trouble from leaving the volcano house. After that we went back down to the others and they were already eating their lunch I was very hungry. I went to the cage where we put our bags in. I opened my lunch box and got out my sandwich and ate it all by myself cause I was hungry from walking around too much.

After we ate our lunch Mrs Lagitupu gave us a task and we had to take pictures of all sorts of things outside of the museum. We saw I big cool sculpture and it looked like a big massive bird with long wings but it wasn't. After that we went to the middle of the domain and we took pictures and it looked like a hologram of myself cause there was two of me in one photo.  We went up to a flower and took a picture of it, the colour of the flower was yellow and white.

After we took the picture of the flower we went to the Auckland Domain Garden place and we saw all sorts of plants and we saw this long as plant, it was a island plant and it touched the roof it looked amazing. I couldn't even near touch it cause it was like eight meters tall. After that me and Semi went to the other Garden and we saw these plants and it was alive it eats stuff like people’s hands, I think Semi was making the plant pissed off by touching their mouth. We saw some catfishes and other little baby catfishes the old catfishes face was hard like a rock. It was scary for me ,but Semi wasn't scared he was touching the old catfishes head like how many times.

After we finished taking photo’s at the Garden we went outside and ran around, Mr Barks told us to come in as a group, we came in a group and Mr Barks said if we needed more photos and we said ‘’YES’’. After that we went all the way to the pounds and we saw Poop on the ground, it smelled terrible. I wanted to go for one myself I tried to not touch the Poop on the ground cause I didn’t want Kaka on my shoes. After that we went to little ducks and took photos of them the my duck was swimming around the pound. I didn’t get to go around cause me and Semi that we didn’t wanna go so we just kicked back.

When they came back we walked back,Mr Barks and the others walked around the other way cause I think they didn’t wanna step on the Kaka. I sit a goal for me and my goal was to not to step on the kaka so I ran up the hill and didn’t step on any. Because I checked and I saw nothing on my shoes. I went to Mr Barks and the others and we headed back to the other crew in the bus. The End