Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Last Writing of the year

This year on 14/12/2014 we went to christmas in the park. While me and Frankie and Jonathan, Lukis,Michael, Logan,Auri were walking I saw this man running fast as. He was running fast as that he droped his twenty dollars. I bend over and grabbed it and I got up and was looking for him, all my friends were telling me to keep it just in case we need to for a train ride to Britomart Transport Centre for christmas in the park. When we were walking there we heard the train make a loud noise sound, once we heard that sound we started to gas to the train Transport. We were lucky because there was lots of people to hold up the train.

When we got in the train we saw Moses brother David and Lyrik they were drinking cody in the train once after Taniela cousin took a sip he gave Lyrik one and they got court from the Maori warden security guards and told them to get out of the train at britomart.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Auckland Museum Trip

On Tuesday we went to the Auckland Museum and we got sent into 8 groups and I was in Semi's group, I was ultra excited when I heard my name in Semi's group. Our leader was Mr Barks, he was the one who took us wherever he went. He took us to the maori design's we saw lots of tiki's and maori patterns. Mr Barks gave us paper and pencil. The  paper gave us instructions like draw any maori patterns you can see and I saw this pattern made out of flaxs with square boxes.

The next place we went was the pacific design's. We saw these island bags that the Niuean and Tongan made out of flax. It was cool I never knew that you can make stable bags out of flax. My Nana made one and she brang it to New Zealand but she's gone back to Niue. After that we went to the volcano place we went in we saw these rocks and we had to try and guess which rock was the heaviest one. The middle one was the heaviest cause it had lots of heavy bits on it.

After we tried the rocks we went to the volcano house. I was very excited because I thought we were going to watch a movie but we had to wait in a long line. Finally it was our turn  we went in and there was a cool as big 70 ENC television. We had to sit on the floor cause the other people from china already took the chairs. It was sort of boring because we had to wait until the smoke came out of the water. The house was moving and I got shocked it was scary I wanted to get out of the house but we couldn't cause we would of got in trouble from leaving the volcano house. After that we went back down to the others and they were already eating their lunch I was very hungry. I went to the cage where we put our bags in. I opened my lunch box and got out my sandwich and ate it all by myself cause I was hungry from walking around too much.

After we ate our lunch Mrs Lagitupu gave us a task and we had to take pictures of all sorts of things outside of the museum. We saw I big cool sculpture and it looked like a big massive bird with long wings but it wasn't. After that we went to the middle of the domain and we took pictures and it looked like a hologram of myself cause there was two of me in one photo.  We went up to a flower and took a picture of it, the colour of the flower was yellow and white.

After we took the picture of the flower we went to the Auckland Domain Garden place and we saw all sorts of plants and we saw this long as plant, it was a island plant and it touched the roof it looked amazing. I couldn't even near touch it cause it was like eight meters tall. After that me and Semi went to the other Garden and we saw these plants and it was alive it eats stuff like people’s hands, I think Semi was making the plant pissed off by touching their mouth. We saw some catfishes and other little baby catfishes the old catfishes face was hard like a rock. It was scary for me ,but Semi wasn't scared he was touching the old catfishes head like how many times.

After we finished taking photo’s at the Garden we went outside and ran around, Mr Barks told us to come in as a group, we came in a group and Mr Barks said if we needed more photos and we said ‘’YES’’. After that we went all the way to the pounds and we saw Poop on the ground, it smelled terrible. I wanted to go for one myself I tried to not touch the Poop on the ground cause I didn’t want Kaka on my shoes. After that we went to little ducks and took photos of them the my duck was swimming around the pound. I didn’t get to go around cause me and Semi that we didn’t wanna go so we just kicked back.

When they came back we walked back,Mr Barks and the others walked around the other way cause I think they didn’t wanna step on the Kaka. I sit a goal for me and my goal was to not to step on the kaka so I ran up the hill and didn’t step on any. Because I checked and I saw nothing on my shoes. I went to Mr Barks and the others and we headed back to the other crew in the bus. The End

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Whanau Tangle pattern writting

Class 1 and Class 5 decided to make a very interesting tangle pattern. We all worked on it on the first day of school.  Miss paget went on this person blog and found this tangle pattern and asked the owner if she could use it and he said yes. Our goal is to make the same exact tangle pattern and send it back to the person who actually made this tangle pattern and post it in his blog.

Ms Paget handed everyone a piece of paper. We grabbed the piece of paper that said G because it was small and easy to get finished. Sione made a random pattern because he was rushing so he could get on to his next task. Leka made a very awesome pattern its got very cool diamonds things in the middle.

You can’t see where the tangle pattern starts and ends. It goes under and over all the patterns. Sione’s pattern is not up the WHANAU PANUBA TANGLE wall because he didn't put enough effort to his tangle piece. Leka’s TANGLE piece is up on the wall with the others cause he put a lot of effort and hard work to his piece.


Thursday, 23 October 2014

Tui's reading

 Me and my reading group called tui's made a presentation about Moari Design's we all worked on our own slide it was awesome.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Avatar For Our New Class "Panuba"

 For my avatar I drew Rigby playing games and Ken shotting a fire ball and the FaZe clans logo when they play games

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

N.Z. Mascot

This year beth gilmour 12 years old girl designed her own mascot called clyde. She won the mascot design competition in scotland and she got to she see clyde in glasgow. My mascots name is after life turtle head because it represent black ops 2 because of the camouflage on the shell its called after life. And the turtle represent the islanders like cook island and niuean, tongan and all the others.

Life ED

Good drugs help you and other drugs don't some are illegal and some are not. drugs makes your brain not function properly at home. people can’t sell illegal drugs because you would be put in jail for selling them to other people. Illegal drugs makes you not remember stuff like counting to ten. If you play rugby and you take illegal drugs you get banned from rugby for 2 years. And if you're 2 years are finnish. And then you do illegal drugs again you get banned from rugby for life and you’ll never be able to play rugby again. Some medicine are drugs and other medicine are good to make you well.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Valerie Adams

Valerie Adams is the best in the world at shot put shes going to the commonwealth games at scoutland she is going to represent new zealand. If she wins probably everybody in new zealand will be proud of her. 2006 in Melbourne she came 1st and she got a gold medal.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Furture Aspiration

When I grow up my aim is to be a police because the police office said the he helps people and like keeping the community safe.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Tech @ T,C

The first time I went to tech I saw Mr Grundy he introduced himself to us he told us to find your own place to sit. Me Leka and Sebastian, raced to the table and got there first I got the loan book out of my bag and put it on the table. Mr Grundy told us to go on the Tamaki college site I saw the work shop link so I moved my mouse and left clicked and I saw last years movie of the year 7’s making they necklace.

Mr Grundy told us to do the workshop document we had to look for Images of silhouette I found a Modern Warfare 3 one this guy Is holding a MSR gold aiming. I had to find 12 Images I found 3 about my mum and one about my sister and me, Brother.

We used chain saw to cut our wood and it when straight threw the wood and get like medal liquid and it make a necklace. The End

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Levelling up my self manage

I have thought carefully and I think I should put my self on level 1 Because I still need to manage myself sitting next to Miss Nua and showing my Screen at her so she doesn't thing I am doing some thing dodgy on my net-book.

My goal is to be on the right thing right time and right place on my net-book when I'm around my class mates doing my work.

My next level is level 2 to archive level 2 I need to focus on my work and behave appropriately when the teachers are speaking.

 My next level after level 2 is going to be level 3 to get level 3 I need to not be disrespectful to other people and be a good boy at assembly.

My four smart foot print

1. Always be yourself

2. Teachers can see you 

3. Be careful on-line

4. Be safe what you search

Monday, 9 June 2014

Copy and edit Echolocation

  1. When ever I walk to school I always see my friends I always try use echolocation to them from far distance. I yelled loud to them wait for me then it echoed and located were to go then he turned around and OK. So they just waited for me near the gates.

Understanding scientific sounds Sione Paula

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

sione and taniela are friends

1. The filthy car successfully
2. The strange orange
successfully disappeared in
the filthy car.
3. Successfully the strange
car worked.

Class 2 Writting

Sound is a form of energy. For sound to be produced vibrations must be set up by a source.  This is done by hitting (drum), blowing (recorder), stroking (sand paper on wood) and electrical (loudspeaker).

The vibrations travel through a solid liquid or gas and reach our ears where it can be heard.  If the vibrations have a lot of energy then they are loud.  If they have little energy then the sound is quiet.  Sometimes the vibrations can be seen or felt on the skin.

In air, sound travels at 1,160 km per hour, but speeds up in water to 5, 400km per hour.  Things which travel faster than sound are called supersonic.  The Concorde can travel faster than sound.

Dolphins communicate with each other under the sea.  The sound can travel for hundreds of miles, much further than in air.  Sound travels even more quickly through a solid metal than through the air or water.  Standing near a railway line, a humming from the rails can be heard several minutes before a train itself can be heard directly.  

Sound travels through solids and liquids as well as air.  Sound cannot travel through a vacuum.  Sound travels at different speeds in different substances.  This is because different substances are made up of particles in different ways.  The sound pushes the particles and as it travels it moves from one particle to another.  In a gas the particles are far apart, so some of the sound energy is lost when trying to push one particle into another one. Therefore the speed of sound is slow so it will not travel as fast as it does in substances where the particles are closer together.

Pitch is the highness or lowness of a sound.  A high pitch is caused by short vibrations and a low pitch is caused by long vibrations.

The pitch of a note produced by a guitar depends on the length, thickness and tension of the string.  A shorter, thinner, tighter string produces a high pitch and a longer, thicker, looser string produces a low pitch. On a guitar the strings can be shortened by putting a finger on the fret board.

In a wind instrument a column of air is set vibrating and the pitch depends on the length of the column.  A long column makes a low pitch and a short column makes a high pitch.

The loudness (volume) of the sound depends on the amount of energy the vibrations contain and the rate at which this energy is transmitted.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Swimming lesson

In New Zealand there are lots of lakes and beaches. New Zealand is surrounded with lots of water. Around 83 people died in New Zealand last year from not knowing how to swim properly at the beach.

Swimming is important because lots of people should know how to swim in the sea. It is important to know how to swim because you might get dragged from the sea.
People died from swimming by they self out at the ocean it is important to go to the pool and get a instructor to teach you how to swim.

At swimming I learnt how to backstroke and learnt how to freestyle by myself. The Instructor taught me how to backstroke she told me to put my hand up and make it straight. And just float threw the water

Nsw Vs Qld

Nsw won last night by 12.8. QLD was gonna win last night but johnathan thurston keeps on trying to carve his kicks in 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

13 camo altogether

Hello I am talking about camos for mw3 guns write your favorite on my blog please hope you like it.
Next week I am going to write the new camos from bo2 Black ops 2

1 Classic

2 Snow

3 Multicam 

4 Digital urban

5 Hex

 6 choco

7 Snake

 8 Blue

 9 Red

 10 Autumn

 11 Gold

 12 Marine

 13 Winter

13 camos altogether 

Play Cod with Bash after school.

Today I am gonna have a 1v1 with SebastianR from my class after school the name of the game we are playing is Black Ops 2 our MW3 because I want revenge on him for beating me on MW3.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Trickshoting with Throwing Knife's

Throwing knifes and YouTube links copy and paste and comment on my blog if you liked the movie on YouTube

Friday, 23 May 2014

Hearing aids

          Walt hearing aids

How long does the sound goes threw your ear drum?.

When you wear hearing aids does it hurt?.

Does it hurt when people speak in your ears loud as?.

When you wear hearing aids can you hear properly?.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Sound That Vibrate

Sound is vibrations that move the molecules that generate sound waves. Everything you hear is sound like listening to music, conversation, wildlife and vehicles. There could be different sound around us. Movement creates sound , instrument can make sounds that can go high or low.When you walk in the road cars go pass and you can hear the sound that fast.  

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Anzac Days is on April the 25 In the world war one our people from NZ and Aussie they went to Turkey and had a war know we will remember the people you died for us in the war.

Learning Opposite Integers

This year a have been doing Integers

Monday, 14 April 2014

This Is A hack

This Is a hack you just trick them by useing inspect element.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Alex Mckinnon the story of my life For alex

 Newcastle back-rower Alex McKinnon is unlikely to walk again with reports emerging in Australia that he's been ... Smashed by an stormers player during his NRL league game yesterday. I will like to report he might not play rugby league ever again he is in a coma at the Auckland starship hospital. He hasn't woke up for weeks on his coma. 

Jordan Mclean was the one who dump Alex on his head. Jordan Mclean Might never play for League ever again for the thing he did or he might be suspended for 3 weeks This is what he looks like
And this is the tackle he did to Alex that maid him at hospital
 If I was the boss of NRL I would band this man from rugby league. This is a song for Alex

Sione Showing empathy.

Sione Empathy from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

7 Sharp News

Welcome back to 7 sharp we have Sione and Leka in the news Studio.
During the weekends there was a misunderstanding, the weather was super crazy. Family were anxious, windows were closed and doors were shut.
Warning!! to all the people that live near sandy bay stay seated.  A enormous cyclone is going to hit your area and it might make a tsunami. Families stay in your houses and don’t go out of your doors and make sure your kids are safe,. because the cyclone is gonna destroy homes, wreck land and slaughter people, and breeze winds.

If you're thinking where the cyclone lusi came from ? well apparently it was a build up and came to new zealand. In the north pacific cyclone lusi leaves 3 people dead and 6 people missing at Vanuatu.

I would like to go introduce to Sione Hotu for our breaking Weather news. ShOcKiNg NeWs!!!! I am so sorry Cowboys for the New Zealand weather. Today They is going to be a Big fog. Hope the people in auckland doesn’t crash because of the fog.

This is Sione Hotu and Leka Telea and were out see yous Tomorrow and send us message on facebook and twitter about what's happening ka kite ano.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Mw3 Story

In the weekend I was playing mw3 on my ps3 I had a 1v1 Brandon and I beat him Sebastian was being annoying because he was using his riot shield he was bumping me off and Brandon. After that I gaped it then Sebastian Send me a inversion to play in his lobby he turning invisible and then he killed every body.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Sione Empathy DynastyMSR

There is lots of ways to show empathy Like if they are sad you can cheer them up. And if they are hurt go and get a ice pack for them so they can get healed.
To show empathy people can do all kinds of thing for others Like if they have no lunch you can share your lunch or take them to the office and they will give them lunch.

Some time people don’t show empathy and people show empathy Like me I don’t show empathy. My friend Vaifou always show empathy he never gets in trouble and bad stuff.
To show empathy if someone is feeling sad at class or the park you have to cheer them up.
There are lot of example to show empathy if there don’t know how to spell empathy you help them spell it. Our If they don’t know how to sound out the word out. They are lots of abialty to show empathy

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Sione Personal Goals 2014

My Personal Goals - 2014  Date : 13/2/14
My achievement I was most proud of  last year  in the classroom was my Math because I really improved my strategy and my number lines.
The thing I was most proud of last year outside of the classroom wasRugby because I was a really good half back for my awesome team.
In reading my learning goal is to …. Thinking carefully about the event and the character as i’m reading.
To achieve this goal I need to …. Read lots of books at home and at school.
In writing  my goal.... is to write lots of paragraphs
To achieve this goal I need to.... payattention to my writing not talking to my friend beside me.
In Maths my goal is to… Learn my statistics and my Mults and Divs.Is me reading and writing Because it differcult
The learning area I think I need to improve in most is … My reading and writing Because its difficult.
In my learning my goal this term is to  show ... Is to take care of my class and don’t be mean to the class
My goal for this year around the classroom. is not to get mental and not to be rude. And don’t talk when the teachers are talking
My goal for this year around the school is toNot Swear and Stop bullying people when they walk pass me.
My parents goal for me this Term is …....... Is to read books every day for one hour. And not have fights

Feeling Nervous

On the first day of school I got up and waked up and got changed in to my school uniform.

While I was walking to school I was Nervous because I fought that I was gonna get detendshine Straight away. While I was at school I saw my Friends In the class when the bell rang I was nervous as Because I wanted to be in my friends Class. When we were at the assembly Mr Burt Told year 7 & 8 to go to the street.