Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Last Writing of the year

This year on 14/12/2014 we went to christmas in the park. While me and Frankie and Jonathan, Lukis,Michael, Logan,Auri were walking I saw this man running fast as. He was running fast as that he droped his twenty dollars. I bend over and grabbed it and I got up and was looking for him, all my friends were telling me to keep it just in case we need to for a train ride to Britomart Transport Centre for christmas in the park. When we were walking there we heard the train make a loud noise sound, once we heard that sound we started to gas to the train Transport. We were lucky because there was lots of people to hold up the train.

When we got in the train we saw Moses brother David and Lyrik they were drinking cody in the train once after Taniela cousin took a sip he gave Lyrik one and they got court from the Maori warden security guards and told them to get out of the train at britomart.