Thursday, 18 April 2013

Xtra maths work

Hi My name is Sione I am doing extra maths I am in subtraction this how much I did I have to do take away.

Monday, 15 April 2013

When I was walking down the street in South Africa I saw pair of shoes and a baby elephant. The baby elephant was hanging on to the rope and the rope was attached to the power line .I thot the  elephant was getting shocked. i said what the....

I went to my bag and got my phone and rang the police I told them there is a elephant up on a power line. so there told the fire engine people to come and bring the latter when there came there said what the. And there put the latter and bring the elephant down. I asked the elephant could i ride on you and I took him home in the forest.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Oamaru creek testing V2

Testing Oamaru Creek for

I am going to find out the differences in colour, smell and turbidity of oamaru creek.

I am going to test this by comparing different water samples from different locations along the creek.

Resources: bucket , jars, paper.


Smelt like salt
It actually smelt what i predicted
Tap water
smells fresh
I like fresh water because it taste nice
Oamaru Creek water by culvert
smells moldy
I think the culvert smells because people throw their rubbish in side.
Oamaru Creek water by bridge
Smells  like old and smelly
I think the bridge smell because ducks poo in the water.
My conclusion (what I found out): I thought the salt water smell yucky but it actually smelt like salt water.


it will look like dark green water
Its actually what I predicted
Tap water
the tap water is clear
It actually what i predicted  
Oamaru  Creek water by culvert
the cluvet you can see  grey water
Its actually is dark grey
Oamaru  Creek water by bridge
the bridgewater has a yellow tinge
Its actually was light yellow

My conclusion (what I found out): I thought the bridge water was brown but it was Grey


I think seawater taste like salt
It actually does taste like salt if you drink it
Tap water
tap water is yum and it nice

Its actually taste like fresh normal water
Oamaru  Creek water by culvert
culvert water is yuk because people throw their rubbish
Its Actually yuck because it has rubish  
Oamaru  Creek water by bridge
the bridgewater is gray
It smells yucky and old
My conclusion (what I found out):  I thought that we couldn't see through the    bridgewater But we actually could

Rippa Rugby

                                                 This is the picture of the mix year 5 and 6 team we won on the day we a
                                                  going to Eden park on May and their are other team in our picture 

Hi My name is Sione I’m in the Niue group. I used to be in the Hawaiian group than Miss Lavakula told reta to come and get me to go to the niue group.Miss Lavakula is teaching the Niue group. I am Tonga And Niue And I am proud to perform as Niue. We alway have training every thursday and friday. Now I’m not ready to perform I need more days to practice.

We do our practice inside Miss Lavakula’s Classroom. We practice separate from the Girls. The Girls do their own Niue Girls Dancing. The Boys one is pettry and the girls one is kind of good. This is good idea to the island dancing so we know our ways of dancing. we will show and teach our niue Brother’s how to dance. we pass from our time to the further.

I’m looking forward for next week to present our dancing. To mark the finish of the first term with a group dancing from all the island’s of the pacific and other countries. I hope that night will be fine with no big raining. Mr J already started to build the stage outside the playground.everyone is will come to come and watch our wonderful perform’s.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Fast Feet

Fast Feet

By Lisa Fuemana Foa’i

Picture of the book

Main Characters:
Esela is a very fast runner he is the 1st fast’s in the whole 8 year old in the school. Solomona always play tricks on Esela.

There set the race at school

on the morning of sports day Esela woke up very early.

his friend solomona all way’s play trick on Esela

Esela decided to not run with no shoe’s

underneath his lunch box was his brand new pair of running shoes.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Sione Zombies

Once a upon a time there were four brave boys Taniela, Sione, Tame, and Paula they were very brave . He  went on a plane to visit his mother in new zealand I forgot there was a Zombie driving the plane I  when he got on his plane he was tied then he went to sleep when they were on there way to go to new zealand. he was dreaming of zombies that we his plane.

When I was dreaming of zombies I was thinking of lots of things so when I woke up my dream was true there were zombies cracking our windows jumping thought so lucky our captain told us that we have weapons at the back of our plane so there were baseball bats there were wood and shields.

Our captain said’ said to use the shield cover the window so if they try to break in then it would be so hard because it is metal. Then one zombie broke in then I had to smack it with my baseball bat on it head. lucky we had lot of shields in our plane so we blocked it with a shield then I had to go and look for some more weapons

Then I went and looked if there were some more weapons finally there were no more zombies coming. After that we stoped new zealand and then my mum was happy because I was home and I was safe nothing happened to me cause she hasn't saw me in ages.

                  to be continued