Friday, 11 September 2015

Rugby Game

On 09/09/15 Wednesday we walked down to dunkirk for our rugby tournament against other school in the east cluster. While we were walking semi kicked the ball and I went to pick it up a dog started barking and I got scared and ran off. We got there we started to do stretches and warm ups after our stretches we started to practice moves for our game.

Our first game was with Glen Innes Primary that was the sourest game. I nearly broke my arm by trying to tackle a little wacker he was doing pretty good steps once he got tackled my team blew over and won the ball back for us. Once Temauri passed the ball I did a little goose step and a wack and scored a try. Once the final whistle blew we were happy because we won our first game.

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Mrs Tele'a said...

Congratulations on the win Sione. I enjoyed reading the steps you went through in your game. Can you explain to me what a 'wack' is? Is this what you call a side step? I'm interested as I often hear sports people use this term. Keep it going Sione.

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